Here I Am. Send Me.

My instagram anf facebook is now bombarded with pictures from yesterday’s Memorial of Jesus’ death! So nice to see friends from different congregations around the globe.

Awake June 2014. How do we find true friends?

Anonymous asked: How have you been Webster? Are you still in Taiwan? Have you made it back to the Philippines?

Still here in Taiwan. Thank you for asking. I’m going through a hard time right now. :(

Thank you for following me. Thank you for reblogging from me. Thank you for liking my posts. Thank you for sending me nice messages. Thank you for staying followed to me. Thank you for making my Tumblr experience amazing. Thank you.

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What happened to my tumblr?

Someone’s hacked my tumblr!

“Everyday is a chance to show how we trust Jehovah.”

Fresh from PH! #polvoron #tamarind
Gave my very first chinese comment. I want to learn more chinese. #jw